Jive Jerky Catalog of Products

The online catalog lists the flavors that we always have in stock. However, we make over 40 different flavors which are not always available and so they are not in the catalog. If you would like to make an order, you can call us at 570.843.6673 to see what flavors we currently have in stock and we can ship them to you.

JIVE FRUIT is a seasonal item and is not always available in the winter months.


Beef and pork jerky

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Delicious tangy BBQ with a bit of heat and taste of bourbon. it's our fastest selling flavor right now. 

USD $7.99

Sriracha Beef Sriracha Beef (Hot)
If you like hot and spicy, you'll love this Sriracha beef jerky!

USD $7.99

Steak Seasoning Beef Jerky Steak Seasoning

"Steak jerky" made with a Montreal steak rub. This is our most popular flavor.

  • Very flavorful - not hot or spicy.  
  • A  good flavor to give as a gift. 

USD $7.99

Custom Order - Call 570-843-6673

Call the Jive Line at 570-843-6673 to see what flavors we have in stock. By ordering what we have in stock, we can ship your order right away. When you call, we'll get your name, address and credit card info and ship your order right away.

Although we have about 40 flavors, not all flavors are always in stock because of our hand-made process. It takes up to four days to produce a batch of our delicious JIVE JERKY.

USD $7.99

Original - The recipe that started it all!

This is the recipe that started Jive Jerky! 

USD $7.99

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